It’s all about me!


BzeroB aka Bob

BzeroB aka Bob Motter

You have reached my Voices From The Garage blog for the Bob’s Garage website. This is the spot for my day to day ramblings and updates for my site. Besides the usual entries there are a couple of sections here that may be of interest.

The Gospel According to Bob

This is a series of personal chants on variety of subjects. They are based on my own findings and beliefs from over 40 years in the car hobby. Feel free to read and digest what I have to say here.

Counter Intelligence

Now this set of articles have to do with some of the things that get my attention in the retail business. They are usually things that whizz me off.  But some are simply observations from being in a variety of businesses at a variety of levels. Take a look and see if your observations are the same as mine.

Now that I have that out of the way you can head into the blog. Thanx for visiting and feel free to comment or leave a message if you find something of interest.

Just a quick note. In the side bars you will see entries and references Voices From The Patio. This is another personal WordPress site I use for the day to day entries not related to Bob’s Garage. Kinda related but not. It is my other forum to sound off about this and that. Check it out if you wish.